Our Story
On the streets of Thailand, we saw firsthand a concept so foreign and incredible, we had to bring it home to Provo, Utah—rolled ice cream! We make ice cream from scratch on a chilled stone right in front of you! We begin with a custard base and toppings of your choice, which we then pour onto the stone, kept at -15 degrees F. Our trained staff then chops, mixes, and blends your ingredients together as they freeze. Finally, the combination is spread out and rolled into small rolls of delicious, amazing ice cream! So, come on in and enjoy exquisite Thai ice cream and a show!
We offer catering services through our catering sister company - 53 Catering. Please feel free to find us at 53 Catering or call us at +1 801.669.5300 about catering your next event or meeting.
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